Fina Elektrik Enerjisi İthalat İhracat ve Toptan Satış A.Ş. obtained Electricity Wholesale License in 2009, within the framework of Electricity Market License Regulation and is engaged in the sale of electric power to eligible consumers, purchase and sale of electricity through bilateral agreements in domestic and cross-border markets.


Our company is a flexible, powerful and reliable business partner with its strong balance sheet, inclination for risk-taking and diversified services according to customer requirements and a financial mediator in the risk management, and power and capacity pricing for its customers and has a young and dynamic team that takes a lead for innovative products in the spot and long-term bilateral agreements, offering the best service in energy management and creating the offers with the most favourable rates.


Total electricity generation – consumption estimations in Turkey are made by this expert team, employed at our firm and various models are developed to this end and sector legislation and developments are followed up and all generation costs and customer profitability are analysed by means of future scenarios and analyses, and finally, the most reasonable price is determined for the customer. 

Our customers may purchase energy out of the most favourable prices that may exist at the market in certain reconciliation periods by means of long-term and fixed-price contracts to be executed with us and product packages with new advantages.


For all inquiries related with being Cerean customer or your subscription please call 444 27 96, Cerean Customer Services.